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 JTRSport started out by sending the business owner of Black Ridge Customs some unsolicited spam in the sales email box.  While most attempts by other businesses to connect and create a bigger dealer network via this method fail due to our screening process, the emails felt to have potential for our customers get investigated quite closely. Below is a link to the complete email of our attempt to find out more information about this business and their product they wanted us to sell to our customers. Certain things may be edited out like email addresses but the content is complete

jtrsport.coms attempt to hook us to sell their products. Their sell email minus the pictures and email addresses.

 We went out and found the following information on a website that documents customer experiances. That Websites link for is Below is a capture of their customer reviews. There may be broken links.
Very Dissatisfied
Reviewer:  rn08332
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7/28/09 1:47 PM
This company has cheated me out of 760.00 for parts that were incompatible and returned to them on april 06, 2009. They seemed pleased to say send it back and we will refund your money. They told me a refund was being issued but never received the refund. They answer their phone, put you on hold and never pick back up, always saying "ACCOUNTING IS VERY BUSY". I have complained through the better business bureau  
(they are not a member)with them not responding to that complaint. I am currently awaiting news from the California consumers affair division with a complaint I filed through them. It's been months and I am frustrated that any company thinks its ok to cheat hard working people out of their money. They have their product and my money and see no problem with that. Also BEWARE of their practice to ADVERTISE ON EBAY, THEM CANCEL YOU TRANSACTION SO THEY SELL YOU THE ITEM WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO PAY EBAY FEES, THIS LEAVES YOU NO AVENUE TO HAVE EBAY PROTECT YOU AGAINST THEIR SCANDULOUS BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! If anyone has an idea of another source of complaint that may be useful in getting my money back please share it with me.


Very Dissatisfied
Reviewer:  t11t5
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7/10/06 12:58 PM
Would not recommend. Very very very bad customer help. Always hang up on you. You will regret it if you do it.


Very Dissatisfied
Reviewer:  victoria.wright
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3/21/05 11:04 AM
Won EBAY auction on body kit. Sent check, Kiraki Enterprise, Inc. cashed it, never shipped. Called repeatedly and gave me the run-around for over a month. Told me they wouldn't ship because I gave them a poor rating on EBAY. Now suing them for close to $5,000 in CA and have reported them for FRAUD to several agancies including  
Better Business Beareau  
Walnut, CA Police Dept.  
EBAY Fraud  


Very Dissatisfied
Reviewer:  Duckdgers  
(read my 3 reviews)
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2/27/04 7:59 AM
STAY AWAY from this Company!!! AKA  
Walnut, CA 91789  
Having won an auction on Ebay. I Paid for the items within hours.(Mon Morn)  
I have Credit card and Paypal reciepts.  
FIVE days later, I still had no emails, calls or contact as to the status of my items. I emailed them and they made me call to find out? (Fri night)This time they told me they would send it on monday.  
On Tues I still have no status, email, call or contact. I email them and AGAIN they tell me to call...WTF???  
I call...AGAIN, they tell me it wont be sent till Fri...yea....right!  
15 min of talking, my main question was if they were going to send it at all, but I still wanted the Item. They told me they were just going to refund me and not send it. Big Surprise...  
Well, one hour later they create a tracking # to show intent, so they can...get this...Report me to Ebay for non-Payment!!!And then posted a bad feedback.  
I have Credit card and PayPal reciepts. Emails and phone records. PROOF Positive!  
With these dishonest busess practices I have taken action.  
They have been reported to the following agencies:  
a counter claim with  
The Better Business Bureau  
Internet Fraud Complaint Center (run by the FBI)  
US Postal Inspection Service  
A complaint with the Internal Revenue Service and the CA District attorney's office.  
They have proven themselves as Disreputable.  
My advice is to STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!!!



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