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Shaved Door Handles

Has your car been shaved? Lets face it, shaving is in! People who want their cars to have a smooth uncluttered exterior appearance are appreciating all that shaving off those door handles can give them.

Here are a few facts about the process that newcomers need to know.

Shaving your door handles involves body work and repainting the area where your door handle used to be.

The door handle is now replaced with a solenoid. This electric solenoid is operated by a standard alarm/keyless entry keypad. Push a button and your door opens. This of course means you have no more need to lock your doors since they can't be operated from the outside of the vehicle by manual means..

While the solenoid actually releases the latch a door popper will actually push the door open far enough to be able to grab the door.

All the doors are now operated by a keyless entry system. Keyless entry systems come with differing numbers of "channels". while most systems work fine with the standard 4 channel system. However if you want to do more tasks "keylessly" then you will want to get a keyless system with more channels.



Shaved Door Handles
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