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 Transmission Controllers and Accessories

    This transmission controller/computer is the absolute best and we know because we use one in our custom van. When I upgraded my diesel engine to put out more torque and HP I found the stock 700r4 transmission wouldnt last very long. Upgrading to a 4L80E transmission was the only reasonable solution. The big problem of controlling the transmission had a very simple solution in the Powertrain Control TCU. Not only is this the best controller out there it is also one of the cheapest. I actually got in on this controller during the tail end of beta testing. I didn't have the option of buying the TPS kit and had to make my own. When I upgraded my laptop I had to find my own USB/serial adapter as well. Currently I am using a Keyspan unit. The keyspan works well most of the time on windows 2000 but I plan on upgrading to the one shown below shortly as I do have occasional lockups that require a reboot. This unit from PCS will allow complete configurability of shift points and line pressure. It will also allow push button control of various modes of operation. It also allows for easy changes to accommodate tire size changes. Plus much more.

I suggest getting a pulse control (digital) speedometer to use with this unit. I custom made mine from a speedometer out of a jeep. It is not really pretty but works well. The TCU will allow you to program it for the tire size which means your speedo is always accurate. So easy. Remember the old days of changing the speedo gears to get the speedometer to work? This is so much nicer.

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Simple Shift Transmission computer
No Programming Necessary
Includes wiring harness

More Info: Simple Shift Transmisison controller

 TCM-2300 transmission controller




Fully Programmable Computer
for Automatic Transmissions

Picture shows wiring harness sold seperatly.
You will also need a cable to hook to the USB
port of your laptop, also sold seperatly.


More Info: Transmission computer

 Complete Transmission control computer

TCM-2000 has been discontinued!!

It has been replaced by the upgraded TCM-2800

Fully Programmable Computer
for Automatic Transmissions

Picture shows wiring harness sold seperatly.
You will also need a cable to hook to the USB
port of your laptop, also sold seperatly.

 More Info: Transmission Controller

 TCM-2800 transmission computer / controller Sale Price $683.00
Transmission calibration


Custom Mount TPS Adaptor Kit


More Info: TPS KIT

 Throttle position sensor kit




USB to Serial Adaptor

NOTE!!!! No longer needed for hooking TCM-2000 to your laptop.
If you order this with a TCM-2000 you will automatically be sent the right part. If you specifically want a converter for an old controller or other application please specify in your checkout comments.

More Info: USB Serial Adapter

 Usb to serial adapter that actually works





TCU Desktop Programming Kit


More info: Desktop Programming Kit

 remote desktop programming kit




Paddle Shifter without Display

Item [PS-2000]






More Info:


Paddle Shifter Manual for PS-2000

 Paddle Shifter 2000

Suggested Retail $500.00

Price $466.33



Paddle Shifter with Display

Item [PS-2001]


This Paddle shifter is the same as above but with a display that interfaces with the transmission controler.  



More Info:


Paddle Shifter Manual for PS-2001

Paddle Shifter 2001. With display for interfacing with transmission controller.

 Suggested Retail $600.00

Price $509.43



Domestic Transmission Harnesses

Note!! All harnesses are the same price. Please specify your transmission in the comments section at checkout.

Item TCM-4100



Suggested retail $190.00

  Price $163.45

Transmission Model

Other Transmission Not Listed


  • Transmission Computer
    Transmission Computer. Fully programmable by laptop. Works with any Electronic Transmission. Easily the best transmission controller made.
  • TPS-Kit
    Throttle position sensor kit for use with Transmission control computer. Provides load sensing for the controller.
  • usb-serial-adapter
    USB to serial adapter for laptop computers to monitor or program the transmission. This adapter is especially high quality to work better and last longer then other aftermarket adapters. Other adapters may not even work.
  • desktop-programming-kit
    Desktop programming kit allows removal of TCU from the vehicle and brought inside and programed with a desktop computer. Very easy to do with this transmission computer.
  • paddle-shifter-kit
    This paddle shifting kit can be used with the transmission control computer to shift the vehicle with just your finger tips.
  • Simple Shift Transmisison Controller
    Simple Shift Transmisison controller. This transmission computer does not require programming. shift points and shift firmness(aka line pressure) is controlled by simple knobs thus no laptop is required for fine tuning.
  • TCM-2800 Transmission Controller Computer
    The latest Transmission controller from Powertrain. The TCM-2800 replaces the TCM-2000.



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