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Welcome to our online car accessory listing for a full line of Keyless Entry Systems, Shaved Door Handle Kits, Car Alarms, Remote Car Starters, Power Door Lock Kits, Power Window Kits, Power Reverse Hood Kits, Car Security Accessories & much more. These Electric Life Accessories are known throughout the automotive industry for top quality.

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New Products!!

Transmission Computer controller: This transmission controller can replace an existing computer or be used in customized cars and trucks to control electronic transmissions whether the car has a computer or not. Our newest controller is called the Simple Shift controller. While not compatible with all the computers the TCM2000 is it is much simplified and does not require a laptop to program. it simply has some knobs on the front that allow you to set shift points and pressures.

Forced Air Induction Fuel Management Computer: This fuel computer has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are looking for a replacement. It should manage the extra demands a turbo or supercharger puts on the system by interfacing with the stock computer system so that more fuel can be delivered with minimal hassle.

Protect your car and its valuables. Trust me!! Its a bad feeling and a bad day when come out from shopping and find your car missing or your stereo gone These alarms will draw attention to your vehicle and some can even page you with valuable information like which doors are open or if the vehicle has been started. Car alarms are considered a necessary addition to all new cars or customized cars. Car alarms come in many forms. Some car alarms are very simple while others are a complex combination of alarm, remote start, and pager. Of course along with modified cars that need alarms are some modifications that can make your ride way cool. Things like shaved door handles, power window kits, auto remote start, electric door locks are great additions to your car alarm and can make classic cars have a much more modern appeal. Want a really unique ride? Check out our Power Reverse Hood Kit! This kit makes it possible to show off your hood and engine effortlessly. In really cold weather you will really appreciate the remote car starters. Same is true for hot weather.

At the touch of a button the Reverse Hood Kit is designed to lift up, move forward and open in reverse. Whether you've got cool graphics or wicked flames the Reverse Hood Kit is perfect for your custom ride or street rod.

We now have the Power Tailgate called the Talegator and the Power Tonneau Covers.

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