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Bad Business with Ryan Brantly of slickcar*
AKA's GNUIndustries.c*m, SlickCar.c*m, Commandoalarms.c*m, CommandoCarAlarms.c*m, CustomStreetDesigns.c*m, AUTO-STARTER.C*M, naarg.c*m,

This page is meant as a warning and information page for past, present and future customers of GNU industries. Our own experiance will be relayed below and emails from other people can be found on this page.
  • Commando BBB results
    This page is a duplicate of the BBB report I found on GNU industries. Since it is a snapshot in time (12-08-2005) it may not be accurate and you should check the BBB of Florida as to current status....
  • commando-emails
    Bad business with Ryan Brantly of slickcar - customstreetdesigns - commandocaralarms - commandoalarms etc.
 This page contains documentation on the assault of our small company by our previous supplier of commando car alarm products. Commando car alarms company is upset that we are letting our customers know that we no longer do business with them for the following 2 main reasons. One we feel they have shown us and some of our customers very poor customer service by not providing communication as to order status/problems when requested and two the fact that our company does not want to associate with any company that has a unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.
As you can imagine *We no longer sell any automotive related items from slickcar.c*m, commandocaralarms.c*m, CustomStreetDesigns.c*m, Commandoalarms.c*m, AUTO-STARTER.C*M, which are all part of GNU Industries or any of their many other companies, on  our websites because we have had too many customer complaints, have not gotten timely responses in our attempts to provide our customers with info on why their orders have items missing or just plain haven't showed up, and we have found that GNU Industries has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB in their area. Read all about them and how they are now threatening us for disclosing this info to our customers here. Commando threats

**Latest news is that we have found a new supplier to replace GNU Industries. Our new supplier has faster shipping and  better quality not to mention stellar customer service. Poor customer service was always the problem with Now that we are totally switched over to our new supplier, enjoy the greater quality and much better quality.

Doing business, on the internet can be a safe and painless process, or it can be a complete nightmare. The following information is an attempt to keep it from being a nightmare. It can take a little work on your part but if you want to avoid the nightmare it's totally worth it.

Always look a company up in the BBB or do a search in Google (or your favorite search engine)

 If you would like to look them up their main company name is GNU industries based out of Florida. Later I will provide a link to this resource.. Oh wait how about if I provide it now..

Hmm that may not work since it is a search id code probably specific to my computer.

Try this if it doesn't work try this search:

and search the business name: GNU INDUSTRIES INC

Or I could copy the bbb page and post it here. BBB info on slickcar Commando Car Alarms.

Accurate on the date of October 18 2005

Keep in mind that BBB information is constantly being dropped off and added to. For instance the BBB record is only for 36 months. Anything older then 36 months is discarded. When we first looked them up in the BBB we got the page you see in the link above. Since then we have checked a couple of times and seen the complaint list as high as 36 and today it's down to 18(6/28/2007)

Nasty Emails I have received will go here. And other Lawsuit related Information will go down below.

Ok in response to our notice that we were terminating business relations for the reasons mentioned above. These are the following email threats we got. Oldest ones are on the bottom. Also you might find these on my personal Blogs.

This email I just got in today. 12/9/2005 The interesting thing about it was that it was a response to our last phone conversation when he told me he billed me when it shipped and that the customer should get it the next day and even gave me a tracking number over the phone. The tracking number was invalid of course. UPS z9a533s0255365340 This is an exact copy of the email with spaces and garbage removed.

You cannot chargeback to something that was not billed.  We never claimed the authorization.  Your customer will not receive the item.  Please refund his account for that item, if you wish

Our apologies to your customer.  We do not feel it to be safe to continue transactions, due to possible loss of funds (chargeback) with the hastiness of your actions lately.  You can let him know that any keyless entry system on the market will work with the door lock kit.  He is still fully entitled to all service, technical and product warranty.

Best Regards,

Ryan Brantley

GNU Industries, Inc.

 **Due to the large amount of emails we receive, please be sure to include the orginal message in all replies. 

From:Sales []
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 5:02 PM
To: SlickCar Ryan
Subject: Re:

Customer for Invoice 323 has had enough. He says the tracking number you gave me is invalid and he still hasn't received the product. He now demands a refund on the KE-30. As you have said you charged me for it then I expect you to refund that charge. Ill be looking for it and if I dont hear from you on the status Ill just do a chargeback* on the billed card. Its probably less trouble for you if I do that anyway since you are so busy.


Bryan Fullerton
Black Ridge Security

*Normaly we would not use such strong language except that Ryans favorite trick is to not answer the phone or emails when you have a problem.

(Personal Note: This response below came due to my reply to the message below stating that I could post my thoughts as to what I felt were poor business practices - its called freedom of speech. And I think they treat some of their dealers and other customers like garbage. I even have the email from another customer that wouldn't even have done business with me had he known GNU Industries was my supplier)

Your choice.  Personal views have no place in a business atmosphere.  Obviously you do not understand business and defamation laws.  Conversation is over.  You will be hearing from us.

Best Regards,

Ryan Brantley

GNU Industries, Inc.

**Due to the large amount of emails we receive, please be sure to include the orginal message in all replies.

(Personal notes: I have no idea what he is talking about here and told him so.)

I would suggest you remove these also.  It has been way pay the 2 hour time frame, and guaranteed todays end there will be a suit in process.

Again, SLANDER is NOT tolerated.

Car Alarms

stun gun car alarm partsCar Alarms
stun gun, remote car startersRemote Car Starters
stun gun, shaved door handleShaved Door Handles
stun gun, power windowsPower Windows
stungun, keyless entryKeyless Entry
stun gun, power door locksPower Door Locks

All of these..

Might be easier to delete the entire site and start over.  A lot of work to do before 6pm EST.

Good Luck. 

Best Regards,

Ryan Brantley

GNU Industries, Inc.

**Due to the large amount of emails we receive, please be sure to include the orginal message in all replies.

Note: we never did bother about all the hot air from Ryan. In fact in some places we still have products of his listed and shown as examples of what not to buy despite the waste of good server space.

If you have been a victim of GNU Industries please feel free to send me an email at feedback(at.)

Here is will list the DBA's for GNU Industries. If you know of any I missed please let me know.

GNUIndustries.c*m, SlickCar.c*m, Commandoalarms.c*m, CommandoCarAlarms.c*m, CustomStreetDesigns.c*m, AUTO-STARTER.C*M (apparently a front for one of the other domains. Or unused domain or just used to try to get better rankings from google.),

MAXIMUMASP.COM and YOUR-SITE.COM appear to be favorite hosting companies. I should check them out.

If you have ever had trouble or problems with GNU Industries or Commando car alarms or commando alarms or Or any other company for that matter feel free to email us your experiance. you might even go over to and enter their information into the "hall of shame"


An interesting Fact is that I keep getting phone calls from GNU Customers wanting to know what they can do about the poor customer service from GNU and or where they can find various items they used to get from GNU aka

While I cant supply them with GNU/Slickcar/customstreetdesigns cheap products I can make suggestions as to what they can do about the poor customer service.

Frankly the government doesnt care about small time operators like Ryan Brantly, but that should not stop consumers from fighting back. Here is a list:

Report them to the BBB: While most people dont bother to check the BBB rateing of a company online they should and a few who have been burned in the past do bother to check so it is worth it.

Report them to the FTC: While in many cases people could claim fraud on the part of Ryan Brantly and his companies it would not do any good. The government is only interested in big dollar fraud and if you had an order exceeding $5000.00 I can almost guarantee you would get alot better customer service from Ryan B. I say almost because he may truly not care about anything but I think he cares about $$$$. Report him anyway if you can.

Publicise your experiance: On your blog, on your website, send your experiances to me in an email. Sometimes if bloggers get wind of something like this they could make a blog show up for slickcar keywords. If that ever happened then people would know before they bought because it would rank first on the internet for such search terms as car alarms, remote car starters, shaved door handle kits, etc.

The more publicity online the more information for consumers to use to make good decisions.



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