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TCM-2800 Transmission Controller

  Sale Price $683.00
Transmission calibration



The TCM-2800 transmission controler is the most versatile and powerful transmission computer made today. The TCM-2800 supports numerous calibrations (sport-mode, tow-haul mode, etc), programmable shift points, shift firmness, and torque converter lockup.

Unique to the TCM-2800, the PWM outputs are programmable active high or low supporting many transmissions from GM, **Ford, **Nissan, **Toyota, Chrysler, and others. 12 outputs also have current monitoring for precise, closed loop current control.

The extensive, programmable hardware available on the TCM-2800 transmission controller makes it an excellent choice to perform body control functions. The TCM-2800 transmission controler can be configured to read engine sensors and transmit the data on the CAN* bus to other modules or dash displays. The outputs on the TCM-2800 transmission controler can also be programmed for non-transmission control functions such as engine shutdown after a certain amount of time while idling to comply with idle regulations.

*Not compatible with any other CAN bus systems.

**Not every transmission is supported by every dealer. Many dealers specialize in different transmissions. The TCM-2800 is very configurable and this adds to the complexity and is the reason the manufacturer does not directly support many of the transmission that are not in high demand.

While many individuals and shops will buy this controller for many unsupported transmissions and succeed in making them work, we cannot stress enough that these cases are unsupported by the manufacturer and neither they nor the dealer will issue any refunds or be able to guarantee that the controller will work for that transmission.
If in doubt always ask first before ordering. All orders are automatically processed. Any orders canceled before shipping will still incur a restocking fee per our policy.





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