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Programmable Transmission Controller
Transmission Computer
TCM-2000 Discontinued!! Superceded by the TCM-2800

Transmission computer

Product Description:

This Universal Automatic Transmission Computer is a fully programmable transmission controller.

Transmissions can be programed from nearly any windows computer(see specifications below). Shift points can be set based on engine load, engine speed and vehicle speed. Torque converter lockup can also be controled along with complete sensor programing control.

This Transmission Computer can control every type of electronic automatic transmission from all the major car manufacturers such as Chevy, GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and more. Some examples would be GM 4L80E, 4L60E, Ford AODE.(note that not all transmissions have been tested or have base calibrations available)

Previously you had to try to hack into a manufacturers computer to try and control these transmissions in custom applications. Trying to get everything to work was very difficult, time consuming and required expensive hardware. Now this task is easy with this Transmission computer/controller from Powertrain Control Solutions, LLC.

This units configurability is what allows it to work with any electronic transmission and also makes it flexible enough to work in any customized situation saving time and money.

Nobody beats the capability of this transmission computer.

Product Specifications:

· Upshift/Downshift button capability (Paddle shifting and Button shifting)
· Selectable shifting modes (ex. Power, towing, economy)
· Compact Dimensions (5.9in x 4.15in x 1.75in)
· Durable 63pin weather sealed circular plastic connector built into case
· All components specified for automotive conditions (125 degrees C with fuel, grease, and oil resistance).
· 6 PWM Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
· 6 Digital Driver outputs (Selectable 12v or ground output) (3amp)
· 4 frequency inputs (Engine Speed, TC Speed, Driveshaft speed, additional speed)
· RS 232, CAN (2.0b) communications
· 16 Digital Inputs
· 6 Analog Inputs
· 1 frequency output (speedometer control)
· Wiring harnesses available for common applications
· Custom wiring harnesses available for any application
· Easy to use windows software interface
· Data logging capability

Currently Supported Transmissions:

Chrysler: We have no tech support or guarantees for Chrysler transmissions.
·**42LE, **45RFE, **545RFE,[Sharadon Enterprises LLC] **47RE [47RE supported by ATS Diesel,and Suncoast(requires special valvebody)]
·4T80E, 4T60E, 4T65E, 4L80E, 4L85E, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E
·AODE, E4OD, 4R70, 4R70W, 4R100, **5R110[], 5R55,
·RE4R03A, RE4R01A
·A340E*, A343E*, A650E*, U140F*, U240*

* - Requires a customer provided sub-harness to the transmission. We cannot provide support if the customer terminates their own connectors. Experiance has shown that most problems are caused by improper customer termination.
** These transmissions have been reported to work by customers but are not supported by the manufacturer. Dealers that specialize in these transmissions are listed where known for customer convenience. These dealers will also require that you buy from them to get support. You may be able to find forum support but we do not guarantee it.

Transmissions Presently in Development:

Ford:·5R110 (Torqshift) through

Pricing for the harness.
The PCS Universal Automatic Transmission Controller (TCM-2000) comes with a software cd, manuals, mounting hardware, for $675.00.
Most wiring harnesses are available for $165.00. You will need a harness. Please specify in the comments section of your order what transmission you have.
See our order page to order.

recommended computer specifications:
· Processor: 400MHz or above
· RAM: 4GB
· OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7
· Hard Drive Space: 10MB for install, additional space for datalogs & calibrations
· Video: 1024x768 or greater resolution
· Peripherals: CD-ROM or internet connection required to obtain software

minimum computer requirements:*
· Processor: 200MHz or above
· RAM: 500MB
· OS: Windows 2000
· Hard Drive Space: 10MB for install, additional space for datalogs & calibrations
· Video: 800x600 or greater resolution
· Peripherals: CD-ROM or internet connection required to obtain software

 *Some users report being able to use much less then the minimum requirements.



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