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Remote Starters

Remote starting your car is very convenient and is actually good for your car. On cold mornings, for instance, it is better to let your car warm up before the actual stress of driving it. Of course this warms up the interior of the vehicle and defrosts the window making it safer and easier to concentrate on your driving. If you have ever climbed into a cold vehicle and tried to drive while you were shivering then you know what I mean. Keep in mind that any remote starter will need to be installed by a professional.

Remote Starters Description column

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Remote Car Starters

Stand Alone Remote Engine Starter System With Keyless Entry

Item# 95600

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Stand alone remote engine starter with keyless entry Retail $153.00
Price $111.95

Vehicle year model and make


Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

This unit works with your current keyless entry

Item# 95720

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Retail $160.00
Price $118.95

Vehicle year model and make


Combination Alarm / Remote Starters

Full Featured Auto Security System And Remote Starter

Item# 95700

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Retail $260.00
Price $133.95

Vehicle year model and make


Two Way Full-Featured Auto Security System and Remote Starter.

Item# 95730

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Retail $323.00
Price $263.95

Vehicle year model and make


Features list of the 95730


- One 5 Button R. C.
- Built In Jumper Select ( /-) Parking Light Relay
- Plug in programmable Override Switch
- Plug in two Zone Dual Adjust Piezo Sensor
- Horn Output selection
- Door Locking and Unlocking with positive output


The following links are for other sites that have more information on Remote Starters just in case you didn't find what you were looking for here. Knowledge of electronics in the way of diodes, relays, and resistors is essential to being a good remote starter or car alarm installer. These extra devices are often needed to work with other electronics in a car such as power door locks, starter wires, trunk release solenoids, head lights, OEM anti-theft systems, multiple door triggers, parking lights, horns, etc. While many keyless entry systems, alarms, and remote starters have built-in relays and multiple outputs for working with most of these, more often than not you will still need to use at least a few of these when installing an keyless entry, alarm, and/or remote starter. Once you master these, you'll think of all kinds of things to create and add to your vehicles as well as your customers.




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