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99520 New Door Jammer door popper, Pops The Door Open From The Hinge Side.


Electric-Life Inc. has now made shaving door handles one step easier and cleaner with the patent pending Door Jammer door popper. If you have already installed shaved door handles, the Jammer door popper is the perfect solution to unsightly door poppers. Instead of popping shaved door handles from the striker end of the door, the Jammer door popper utilizes a heavy-duty internal spring mechanism to pop your door incognito from the hinge end of the door. Operating under 70 pounds of load, the Jammer door popper uses the length of your door to multiply the amount of opening force. Never deal with wedging your fingers inside your doorjamb again.

Manufactured in the USA from billet aluminum, the Jammer door popper features a polished aluminum rub plate, polished flanges, urethane contact pin, spring-steel internal spring mechanism, polished backing nut and polished flathead machine screws. Installation is a snap, just drill a 3/4 hole in the doorjamb, insert the Jammer door popper and tighten the backing nut. Install the polished rub plate and you are done!




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