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Remote Car Starters

Remote Car Starter Descriptions

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Remote Car Starter

Stand Alone Remote Engine Starter System With Keyless Entry

Item# 95600

Details for: 95600 Remote Engine Starter With Keyless Entry

Stand alone remote engine starter with keyless entry Retail$153.00
Price $92.95

Vehicle year model and make


Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

This unit works with your current keyless entry

Item# 95720

Details for: 95720 Universal Remote Starter Add-On System

Price $99.95

Vehicle year model and make


Combination Alarm / Remote Car Starter

Full Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter

Item# 95700

Details for: Full Featured Car Alarm System And Remote car Starter

Price $133.95

Vehicle year model and make


Two Way Full-Featured Automotive Security System And Remote Starter.

Item# 95730

Details for: Two Way Full-Featured Car Alarm System And Remote Car Starter.

Price $263.95

Vehicle year model and make


Installation Notes:

Your remote car starter is only as good as its installation. If you purchase a quality remote starter please make sure you find a quality installation professional. We highly suggest that you get references from 3 years back. A reference from last week is not going to mean much when often times poor installation will show itself a year or two later. Check any business for BBB ratings. A business does not have to be a member of the BBB to have a rating. A poor business will sometimes have a rating if they ticked off enough people. A good business may not have a rating at all. Some questions to ask your installer. Are their tools tested for ISO standards? Do they solder and insulate their connections.? If you want your installation to be permanent all connections should be soldered.

Additional Information related to questions and searches we have received related to remote car starters:

Probably the most common question we get asked is, "what is the best remote car starter" and the website gets quite a few searches for "best remote starters". We created pages to try and answer these questions but ultimately it is pretty subjective these days. People often want the best if fore nothing else but to say they have the best. Other people want the convenience without the high price that often accompanies the "best". We feel Panther units are some of the best or we wouldn't sell them. Certainly they are better then cheap commando units which we don't sell. In short, installation probably has more to do with a quality unit then anything else. see our notes above on installation.

Another thing we find is people looking for lists of remote car starters. We have tried to compile the above list but found it daunting and nearly pointless since anyone can have their name slapped on generic car starters made in china. No doubt commando, crime stopper, command start, and Car and Driver (if they actually sell them) remote starters fall into this category. If you find any information that may shed more light on this please send it our way. Frankly we don't have time to try to dig into the origins of every brand of car starter made.

Remote car starter install is also very popular. This I like to see because it means that there are a lot of people that like to do things themselves. These are the people that may or may not have natural talent but it means more to them to do it themselves. Lowes and Home Depot thrive because of these types of people. We fall into this category though we haven't yet converted our various custom vehicles. We do know that installing remote car starters is very technical and you really don't want to mess up doing it. Newer cars have all kinds of critical things like airbags and anti-theft devices that if interfered with can render the car inoperable. You will want very good wiring diagrams for your car at the very least. The folks at may be able to help you here if you are determined to do it yourself.

We see a lot of people searching for car and driver remote car starters. Car and Driver is a magazine that has been in the vehicle information business for a long time. Automotive related information has been their bread and butter for a long time. We would be very disappointed to find them biasing their reports by actually getting into the marketing of the stuff they write about. That being said we think most people actually doing this search are looking for comparison reports that they think Car and Driver may have done.

A few people, not many, are looking for command start remote car starters and crimestopper remote starters. I think these are just Chinese units that they have labeled with their own names. Unfortunately we do not have much information on them but we do have some links to some information we have found.

A number of folk are looking for canadian remote car starters. We found this amusing because we are pretty sure there is no Canadian brand of car starter. We think perhaps they are looking for remote car starters that are for sale in Canada. Canada imposes quite a tax on merchandise crossing the border and many US merchants are not really crazy to ship to Canada because of the extra paperwork involved and Buyers are not that crazy about paying an additional 20% tax (my estimate) on these items. We did our best to find some Canadian sources for you and they can be found at the link above.

To be continued....




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