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Car Alarm Accessories  14 items

For current car related products please visit while we are under construction!!


**Latest news is that we have found a new supplier with faster shipping and better customer service not to mention better quality as it will be possible to get a lifetime warranty on some items. Come back and visit as we get our websites changed over to reflect our new products which will include an even bigger selection.

*In fact we no longer sell any car related items from GNU Industries or any of their other companies, on any of our websites due to the fact that we have had too many customer complaints, have not gotten timely responses in our attempts to provide our customers with info on why their orders have items missing or just plain haven't showed up, and we have discovered that our supplier has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB in their area. Read all about GNU Industries and how they are now threatening us for disclosing this info to our customers here. Commando threats


We no longer sell any Car Related Equipment From Slickcar aka GNU Industries this is due to poor customer service and an unsatisfactory Better Business Bureau rating of our supplier GNU Industries AKA CommandoAlarms.c*om AKA Slickcar.c*om AKA CustomStreetDesigns.c*om, Commando Car Alarms!




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