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Looking for a good deal? You want the best price? But more then likely your bank is ripping you off!!
Have you checked your interest rate lately? If you recently got a credit card with great rates you better check those rates often. Most credit cards stipulate that they can change your rates any time they want.

Here is a good example. SEARS! Sears had a Sears card that they pushed to their consumers. The deal was you save 15% or so off your purchase if you apply for a Sears card. The wife got a card. Then they switched that card to a Visa card. (now they have a Sears Card again) Then recently they raised the interest rate from 21.99% (already way to high (I consider around 10% to be more reasonable)) to 26.99%

Here is the solution. Sears Visa just got canceled and the balance transferred to a Citibank card. I don't particularly like Citibank because I know they all do the same type stuff but maybe someday they will get out of bed with each other and realize that their users are consumers and don't have to take their fraudulent treatment.


There was a good show on PBS a while back that showed how the credit card banks are manipulating their customers for their own profit. Low interest rates that make the minimum payment take 30 years to pay off the balance. That's 30 years they can charge 20% interest.  OR Ooops on vacation and missed a payment? It's right there in that agreement that you didn't read - in fine print. They can now up that low 15% rate you had straight to 20+% or whatever they want to charge. And check out the fee they can charge you for that missed payment $30+ for many banks.

The consumers that these banks don't like are the ones that pay their balance off every month. Why? because they don't make any residual income off of them.

As a side note be very careful doing online payments. You wont get a monthly reminder from Capital One until your already past due. Or they may claim you get it a month early which is just as useless. It's by design - They know many will forget and they can hit that customer with a higher interest rate and a nice $30.00 late fee.

Remember $10.00 spent on a credit card can EASILY end up $50.00 or more by the time its paid off. Boy wish I had that kind of residual income.




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